asupport s.r.o. - IT service provider

asupport s.r.o. is a stable and an independent support service company for manufacturers on the european market with emphasis on the Central and Eastern Europe. asupport s.r.o. covers the service activities from comunication with the end user to partnership with manufacturers, resellers or distributors.

The main domain is repairing of IT products especially LCD monitors and LCD TV, notebooks, PCs, digital cameras and IT accessories.

asupport s.r.o. is a purely czech company established in 2003. From their beginning asupport s.r.o. is strictly independent on sales channels or manufacturers. No connection to any distributor or another player on the market. No sales activities as major priority. Our trade activities end by sales of consumables and spare parts. No sales of new unit to be a clear and easy partner for anybody from small reseller through distributor to vendor or manufacturer.

asupport s.r.o. is based on fully skilled team of technicians. Our personnel mission is achieved the satisfaction of our customers in the reasonable costs.